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Degree of Comparison

Degree of comparison speaks about the three forms of adjectives. It relates to adjectives and adverbs. Every adjective and adverb can be written in three degrees - positive ,  comparative and superlative.


Positive is used to describe one person, place, thing etc.

Example :-  He is very kind.

                    Akbar was a great king.

Comparative is used to compare two persons, place, things etc.

Example :-She is wiser than his brother.

                 My mother teaches me better than my father.

Superlative is used to describe three or more than three persons, places, things etc.

Example :-  She is the best teacher of our school.

                     This is the most precious ring of all.


For better understanding watch noun video    



Positive Degree:- It just tells about the quality of a noun. There is no comparison.


Adjective:- Beautiful  ;  Slow

Adverb:-    Beautifully  ;  Slowly


For better understanding watch noun video

Comparative Degree:- It shows the comparison between two persons, things, places etc. It compares two things to show the lesser or greater degree of quality. This is always followed by the word than.


Adjective:- More Beautiful  ;  Slower

Adverb:-    More Beautifully  ;  More Slowly


For better understanding watch noun video

Superlative Degree :- It compares three or more than three persons, places, things etc to show the least/greatest degree of quality.


Adjective:- Most Beautiful  ;  Slowest

Adverb:-    Most Beautifully  ;  Most Slowly



For better understanding watch noun video



           Positive Degree                         Comparative Degree                          Superlative Degree

                     Happy                                            Happier                                           Happiest

                      Easy                                              Easier                                                Easiest

                     Pretty                                             Prettier                                             Prettiest

                   Wealthy                                           Wealthier                                         Wealthiest

                     Big                                                  Bigger                                             Biggest

                     Thin                                                 Thinner                                           Thinnest

                     Hot                                                  Hotter                                              Hottest

                      Sad                                                 Sadder                                             Saddest

                     Brave                                               Braver                                              Bravest

                      Wise                                                Wiser                                              Wisest

                      Fine                                                 Finer                                                Finest

                     White                                               Whiter                                            Whitest


                    Bold                                                 Bolder                                             Boldest

                     Tall                                                  Taller                                                Tallest

                   Young                                              Younger                                          Youngest

                    Bright                                              Brighter                                           Brightest

                    Long                                                Longer                                             Longest

                  Beautiful                                    More Beautiful                                  Most Beautiful

                 Intelligent                                   More Intelligent                               Most  Intelligent

                   Difficult                                     More Difficult                                   Most Difficult

                  Exciting                                      More Exciting                                  Most Exciting

Fill in the blanks with the correct degree of comparison.

1)- My sister is an ....... (intelligent) girl.

2)- Raj is ...... (tall) than his brother.

3)-She is the ........ (beautiful) girl among all her friends.

4)-This route was ...... (long) than we expected.

5)-Fruits are ...... (healthy) than burgers. 

6)-I am (strong) than my brother.

7)-Our class teacher is the  ....... (good) teacher of the school.

8)-His dog is ...... (wise) than his master.

9)-This cloth is ......(thin) among all the clothes.

10)-I like English ...... (much) than Math.

11)-He was .......(happy) as he got first prize in sports.

12)- Yuvraaj is the .......(fast) runner in his class.

13)- Today weather is ....... (pleasant) than yesterday.

14)- He is the ...... (handsome) boy of the school.

15)- This book is very .......(interesting) , in fact this is the ........ (interesting) book among all books.

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