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 An Articles is a word used to define a noun . It describes whether the noun is specific or unspecific. It is just like adjectives, but it doesn't describe a noun like adjectives, it only points out the noun.

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Types Of Articles

There are two types of article that we use to point out a noun or a group of nouns :-

Indefinite Articles :-


  • There are two indefinite articles :- 'A' and 'An'.

  • They are indefinite(not clear) articles, so they are used before a noun that is not known/clear to us.

  • They are used before singular noun.

  • They are used before the noun that is general(whose identity is not known).

Indefinite Articles 'A'


Article 'A' is used before the noun that starts with consonants(B,C,D,F........X,Y,Z).

For Example :-

  1. There is a book on the table.

  2. I saw a rhinoceros, a lion and a giraffe in the zoo.

  3. She gave me a blue pen.

  4. My mother gave me a hug. 

Indefinite Articles 'An'


Article 'An' is used before the noun that starts with vowels(A,E,I,O & U)

For Example :-

  1.  I ate an apple in breakfast.

  2. He is an honest boy.

  3. My mother told us an interesting story.

  4. This is an autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. 

Definite Articles :-

  •  'The' is a definite article.It is used before both singular  and plural noun.

  • It is used before the specific or particular noun(it's identity is known to us)

  • It is used when we talk about the same person/object again and again.

For Example :-

  1. There was a crow. The crow was very thirsty.

  2. We went to a zoo. There were many animals in the zoo.

  3. She gave me a pen. The pen was blue.

  4. The children were playing in the garden. 


  • 'The' is used when there is only one such thing. Example :- The Earth ; The Sun ; The Moon.

  • It is used before the ordinal numbers.Example :- She won the first prize in the race.

  • It is used before the title attached to the proper noun. Example :- Akbar the Great.

  • It is used before important events. Example :- The World War ; The Independence Day.

  • It is used before tBefore the name of countries. Example :-  Japan ; India ; Singapore. There are some exceptions we write UK and USA as The UK and The USA because they are compound nouns with adjectives. UK - united= adjective , kingdom= noun ; USA - united = adjective , states and America = nouns

  • Before the name of games and sports. Example :- He is playing football.

  • Before the name of language and subject. Example :- He completed Hindi homework after Math.

  • Before the name of people. Example :- Ali was playing with his monkey.

  • Before the name of days and months. Example :- He will start his work  from Monday.

  • Before the whole class. Example :- The rich ; The poor.

Fill in the blanks with the correct options.


1)- We went to celebrate birthday at ....... restaurant.

2)-My mother always tell  ....... story at bedtime.

3)-My company adviser  helped me to deal with ....... the client.

4)- Do you remember ...... temple we used to go. 

5)- There is ..... apple for you in the refrigerator.

6)-She is .... best in mathematics.

7)- We had ...... ice-cream after dinner.

8)- My sister needs ..... computer to learn CAD. 

9)- ....... couple was going to watch .... movie.

10)- ....... grandfather was reading ..... book, while ...... grandmother was watching TV. 

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