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Convert the following sentences in passive voice:

1)- He attended the meeting at 9 am.

Ans:-The meeting was by him at 9 am.

2)- I miss you.

Ans:-You are missed by me.

3)- The students remember the former teacher.

Ans:-The former teacher is remembered by the students.

4)- The police chased the thief.

Ans:-The thief was chased by the police.


5)- He smiled at the baby.

Ans:-The baby was smiled at by him.


Convert the following sentences in active voice:

6)- Bananas were eaten by the monkeys.

Ans:-The monkeys ate bananas.

7)- Guitar was being played by my younger brother.

Ans:-My younger brother was playing guitar.

8)- The yacht is being sailed by the sailor.

Ans:-The sailor is sailing the yacht.

9)- A diamond ring was gifted to my mother by my father.

Ans:-My father gifted a diamond ring to my mother.

10)-The enemy country was attacked by the army.

Ans:-The army attacked the enemy country.

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